Using Verified Online Profiles to Safeguard Vulnerable Groups

tahdah gives you all the tools you need to perform your safeguarding duties in one online environment. Read our blog to find out more...

Every day millions of people make an effort to learn a new skill or develop an existing one. From kids playing in their U12's football team, an office worker undertaking health and safety training to a construction worker learning bricklaying. They do so with the expectation that they will receive a high standard of training and that their safety and well-being is in the hands of a qualified, competent and diligent professional.

However, this isn't always the case. Stories, like some of the examples below, remind us that there are fraudulent training providers operating in every industry. Their actions can have serious consequences both for the individual and for the organisations they represent including:

  • Compromising the safety of the trainee.
  • Legal actions against the organisation.
  • The trainee receives a poor standard of training.
  • Bringing the reputation of the organisation into disrepute.

Stories, like some of the examples here, remind us that there are fraudulent training providers operating in every industry.This issue of safeguarding becomes even more important when young or at-risk people are involved. Safeguarding these vulnerable groups requires a coherent strategy and a set of policies that are rigorously enforced. This includes:

  • Regularly topped-up protection training.
  • Meticulous recruitment methods for new training providers (coaches/instructors/trainers/teachers).
  • The ability to actively review the conduct of your training providers.

tahdah gives you all the tools you need to perform your safeguarding duties in one online environment. Our resolute commitment to verification and transparency ensures that your organisation's safeguarding policies can be properly enforced.

Every person that delivers training through tahdah is subject to the same rigorous, automated checks that ensure that they are competent, current and compliant.

Verified on Tahdah Infographic v2-1Training

Continual professional development, or CPD, is a fundamental part of a training provider's career. Many are required to complete a set amount of courses or workshops every year in order to achieve enough 'CPD points' to continue delivering courses in their chosen field. This ensures that providers are competent and current - with all of the latest knowledge and techniques at their disposal.

tahdah makes managing CPD requirements easy, both for the training provider and their awarding body.

For training providers tahdah:

  • Allows you to book your place on CPD workshops or events online.
  • Let's you download any resources you might need beforehand e.g. a course handbook, directions to the event or a list of equipment you need to bring.
  • Sends you notifications to remind you of any upcoming CPD deadlines.
  • Has a dedicated CPD area where your activities are logged and can be shared.
  • Has a built-in digital planner that helps you organise your training commitments more effectively.
  • Has a dedicated CPD area where you can manage your points and commitments to multiple organisations.


Recruiting the perfect new addition to your organisation is a difficult task in any industry. However, when your new recruit is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable groups it adds another layer of responsibility to the process.

Our software is built around the principles of verification and transparency - when it comes to recruitment it's no different.

As someone builds a CV on tahdah and begins to add their qualifications and awards they are initially shown as 'pending' (the yellow box in the image below). The system then automatically sends a request to the relevant authority (an awarding body etc) who confirm the validity of the qualification using several different criteria. Only when this process is completed do the awards appear as 'verified'.

Tahdah-Safeguarding-Image3This verification method extends to other sensitive information such as insurance, DBS checks, first aid qualifications, CPD records and much more.

Our unique verification process gives employers confidence that any new staff they recruit through tahdah are genuine, competent and qualified.


Our evidence-based approach continues into professional standards. We give organisations a clearer insight into the conduct and standards of their training providers.

This is achieved through our 'course report' feature. Whenever a user undertakes a training course on Tahdah they have the opportunity to leave feedback on the performance of the training provider. This information can then be corroborated by any observers that were in attendance. Finally, an administrator from your organisation can review the findings of the submitted course report and can then choose to validate it or ask for some alterations to be made.

These procedures are intended to produce consistently high standards of training across your organisation.

To learn more about Tahdah and/or organise a short demo of the system, please contact us using this link.

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