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Our Mission

To assist organisations to protect their members by verifying that all people of trust are Competent, Current and Compliant.

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"By providing a safeguarding and compliance structure, we would like to be the company that creates a national directory of all coaches in Britain to protect children and vulnerable people"

Neil Rylance, CEO

Our Story Timeline

  • Launch of the Mountain Training Candidate Management System (MT CMS)

    Branded as Pathfinder.

    Version 1 of Pathfinder was a tool created to consolidate a number of disparate spreadsheet, database and paper-based systems into a cloud-based system. 

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    This would hand the responsibility of personal data integrity to the Candidate while revolutionising the way the organisation manages and administers their entire business. Addition

    al to these benefits they were also able to streamline the management of all their 300+ Training Providers, manage training and assessment courses, promote and book CPD Workshops, sell products, validate candidate's awards, manage their Association membership and produce invaluable real-time data on all aspects of their organisation.MT-2


  • Tahdah is created



    Following interest & demand from other org

    anisations a new company is formed to develop the candidate management system into a multi-tenant Software as a Service platform.

    Tahdah's vision was to build a first in class Enterprise solution for Awarding Organisations and National Governing Bodies while also building a digital space for individuals to securely store their lifetime records of achievement.


  • The new Tahdah platform is launched

    After rebuilding the original system from the ground up we launched the new multi-tenant systems with our founding client Mountain Training onboard and then introduced some early adopters.


  • V4 of Tahdah is launched

    A complete rebuild of the platform to ensure hugely improved flexibility for our existing & future clients


  • CIMSPA launch on Tahdah

    The Chartered Institute for Management in Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) launch on the Tahdah platform


  • RLSS UK launch on Tahdah


    Royal Life Saving UK (RLSS UK) launch the first phase on Tahdah - Membership.

    Followed by Online Learning, Course Management, Certification, Resource Library, Safeguarding, Training Provider Audits and Job Board


  • Covid - Tahdah helps all clients work from home

    As the reality of Covid started to materialise the Tahdah team started working from home a couple of weeks prior to lockdown.

    Over the coming months we helped all our clients adapt to home working and introduced several new services to assist our client's communities cope with the effects of the pandemic.

    These included new functionality such as  membership payment holidays, accelerated delivery of online learning modules and much more.


  • Technology specialists Tahdah Verified Limited secured a £1 million equity investment for their multi-tenant software platform.

    With £750,000 coming from the Merseyside Special Investment Fund as lead investor and £250,000 from the Development Bank of Wales.



  • Opening of the Tahdah Liverpool Office.

    The new TahDah, Liverpool office is set within a Grade 1 listed building in the heart of the Albert Dock. 



  • Tahdah welcomed new team members.

    Between October 2021 and April 2022 the Tahdah Team increased from 5 to 11. Doubling the size of the product team and adding a COO, Customer Success Exec, CFO and Marketing Manager.

    TahDah insists on an open, supportive, productive and dynamic culture.




Tahdah's Culture

TahDah insists on an open, supportive, productive and dynamic culture.


Our team talk openly and respectfully with each other. If we make a mistake, we own it, we share it and we sort it, often with the enthusiastic help of our colleagues. We encourage an open, non-judgemental environment and support mentoring across the business. I'm still learning every day from the great people that work around me.


I care about every member of our team and understand that work is just one factor of our lives. I, from experience, understand the importance and value of down time, family time & rest. With that in mind TahDah encourages and supports our team by offering flexibility in working hours and ensure a healthy amount of holidays are allocated in addition to Bank Holidays and of course weekends. Finish early Friday is also a time to grab some extra hours with friends, family or grabbing a drink and a bite to eat with colleagues. Want to work a 4 day week ? - lets talk about it.


TahDah have a purpose and goals to achieve. To enable our staff to do this - we offer a safe, productive and accountable environment for you to work within.


We work in an Agile environment and welcome new ideas and ways of working from all team members. We encourage you to learn more and develop new skills from your colleagues or through a specialist learning platform.

Meet the Team

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Neil Rylance

Founder & CEO

Following 7 years employed as a Studio Manager, I started my first business in 1997 aged 28 - A design agency based in North Wales with clients such as Porsche, Discovery Channel and Shell. In 2012 the start of what is now the Tahdah product was created within the agency and by 2014 I had my 'Eureka Moment' and spun the technology out into a whole new business. By 2017 I had closed the agency and was able to fully concentrate on the development of the Tahdah business and platform. My passions outside of work are family time, live music, my Harley and Everton Football Club. I have only once dressed as Freddie Mercury and that was under duress!!

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Jonathan Patchett

Head of Product

I'm Jonathan. I've been with Tahdah since the beginning and have been programming since I was 7 (way back in 1982). I helped to develop the original version which launched in 2015 and I've been involved with the evolution of the product since then. I'm a great believer in the vision of Tahdah. I've recently moved into the role of Head of Product and I'm now helping to shape the future of Tahdah into a place where people can capture all of the experiences, learning and skills that can unlock a better future for themselves.

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Aaron Biggs


I’m commonly known as ‘good Aaron’ by the team, which is really kind of them. Formerly a Naval Officer aboard a £1.5bn Royal Navy nuclear powered submarine, I naturally know a thing or two about ‘Tech’. Well, a lot... I try not to remind the Software Engineers of my skills, because I am restricted by the Official Secrets Act in how much I can assist. I strictly cannot help with the code. When not engaged with our Product Team to deliver fantastic features, I am working with our Customer Success heroes to deliver the best possible experience for our clients. I enjoy people, physical activities and miniature poodles!


Rob Bishop

Solutions Architect

Hi, I'm Rob, I'm the Software Architect working at Tahdah for the last 2.5 years. I am responsible for the overall architecture of the Tahdah system and the development operations we use to deliver our product I've worked in the Software industry primarily in financial services for 15 years. Also whilst living in North Wales I was in the tourism and retail industry owning a Pub, Guest House and a Deli. I like walking dogs and messing around in boats.

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James Court

Senior Developer

I'm James, also known as Jimmy at Tahdah. I've been working with Neil AKA "The Boss" since 2014 and over that time I've gained a broad knowledge of both frontend and backend. I love driving which has turned out to be quite an expensive hobby.

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Liz Stanhope

Executive Assistant

I'm Liz. Executive Assistant who tries to manage The Boss. #:) I wear various hats depending on what needs doing, as long as it isn't writing code. I have been at Tahdah since Dec 2015. Previously I have worked in the Hospitality, Cruising, Events and Corporate Gift sector spending over 20 years in and around London. I have also spent a total of 2 years backpacking living out of a rucksack. I am passionate about the welfare of animals and volunteer at two rescues, I love travelling, and enjoy great food and wine and new experiences.

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Jak Packham

Customer Success Executive

I'm Jak, I'm a customer success executive here at Tahdah - my main role is to serve our customers, to keep them happy, be that first point of contact for all things support - I help drive value in our product for our customers and you could say the best way of describing my role as being that of 'The Fixer' - My primary focus is to help our customers achieve their goals when using our products and services. Outside of my daily work schedule I mostly enjoy playing live music ( I'm a guitar player) bike riding and living in Wales ..getting out n about, oh and by the way, I love peanut butter with marmite!

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Mariana Esteva

Marketing Manager

Hola! I am Mariana, I am a graphic designer, Art Director and for a long time a Senior Lecturer in Advertising Practice but now back in Industry as a Marketing Manager for Tahdah. I love art, music, creativity, technology and how together, they can make our lives happier.

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Pavleta Gyokova

Junior Front-End Web Developer

I'm a Junior Front-end web developer at Tahdah. As a front-end engineer, I develop and implement features to enhance the users’ experience and always try to find the balance between functional and aesthetic design. I'm very passionate about books, hiking, fitness and nutrition

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Dimitar Lazarov

Back End Developer

Hi, I'm Dimitar, the back-end guy from Bulgaria. When you browse the website and it wants some info, I'm the one who gives it back. Smile! My motto is to have a very healthy work-life balance, so I'm settled in a nice village with a garden where I can stretch my muscles and get real food for the effort! I live with very close friends who share my worldview and we get to spend time together around nature - rivers, mountains, warm springs, etc. I also enjoy the quiet moments, when I can try writing a short poem - or an essay on some philosophical question. Other than that, I write code and read courses! That's me, folks!

Royal Life Saving Society Case Study

Mike Dunn from the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK) tells us how the implementation of the Tahdah platform across RLSS UK has transformed their business efficiencies, saved them 6 figures in costs, increased membership and reduced churn and allowed them for the first time ever to engage with their learners directly.

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