Powerful digital tools. Easy to use 

With Tahdah say goodbye to fragmented learning solutions and embrace a unified platform that
simplifies training administration, enhances employee engagement, and drives measurable results.
Whether you're in a highly regulated industry or striving to maintain brand consistency,
Tahdah empowers your organisation to thrive in an ever-evolving learning landscape.


Experience the future of learning with Tahdah today. 

  • Learning Management System

  • CPD Tracker

  • Digital Badges

  • Modular System

Centre Management Dashboard

Tahdah, your ultimate Learning Management System (LMS) solution designed to streamline complex learning journeys and empower organisations to achieve unparalleled compliance and professional performance.

Tahdah revolutionises the way businesses manage learning and development, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces.

With Tahdah you are able to make complex learning simple and personalised.

CPD Manager Dashboard (2)

Tahdah's Continuous Professional Development (CPD) tracking system allows users to seamlessly plan and track a diverse range of learning activities, regardless of their origin or purpose.

Whether it's mandatory compliance training, regulatory updates, organisational initiatives, or self-directed learning, Tahdah provides a centralised platform to manage every aspect of the CPD process.

With intuitive tools for goal setting, progress tracking, and reflection, Tahdah empowers users to take control of their professional development journey like never before. 


Tahdah, the cutting-edge Digital Badging solution that revolutionises the way organisations recognise and validate learning achievements.

Tahdah goes beyond traditional certification methods by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to issue secure and tamper-proof Digital Badges for a diverse range of learning activities.

Whether completing courses within Tahdah's own Learning Management System (LMS) or elsewhere, Tahdah ensures that learners receive the recognition they deserve for their accomplishments.

Tahdah for Awarding Bodies

Tahdah's intuitive platform  is easy for everyone to use, from learners and employers to membership organisations and training providers.

Each module is powerful alone. Used together, you have complete visibility and control. 

Making complex learning journeys simple and personalised.

Over 2 million training records 

 Established in 2014, Tahdah is proud to work with leading organisations in many sectors, including Construction, Care, Sports and Finance.

Discovery and Analysis

We will work with you to understand your business needs, and ensure that we are the right fit for your requirements.

Project Management

We don't just 'plug and play'; we want to optimise results for you and to do so, we ensure we know the why, before we talk about the how, and we actively challenge existing process and procedure.

Onboarding & Training

Change is hard. That's why we provide full system training and continual support for every client.

Analytics & Reporting

No more siloes or incomplete data. Tahdah puts powerful data at your fingertips.

Modular Software

Tahdah offers everything you need from learner registration and certification, through to alumni membership & CPD..

Intuitive Design

Our easy-to-use software is designed to support training providers, learners and employers. Your staff will love it too!

Don't just take our word for it 

Here are just a few of our client testimonials.

Tahdah’s flexibility allows members to log or acquire CPD points through official workshops or external events, making it much easier to comply with their conditions of membership.

We've been able to certify 100% of all our qualifications electronically, which has provided a six figure saving on the cost of certification.

We are now able to expand how we use Tahdah to meet our compliance requirements with OfQual and other regulators.

In the first 18 months with Tahdah we had over 700,000 training sessions completed.

Relationships with our customers has improved 100X since working with Tahdah. Giving us access to rich data we have never had before.

I have gone through many system changes, this by far is my favourite experience.

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