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What is a Course Management System?

Course management systems, also known as learning management systems or CMS systems, are software packages designed to administer, track, automate and deliver courses, training and development programmes. There are many individual pieces of software that can perform some of these tasks in isolation, but a course management system will bring this functionality together into one central software platform.

Course management systems can perform tasks such as posting course materials and support documents, delivering communications between students and teachers and allowing learners easy access to their results and grades. For membership bodies, chartered institutes and associations, course management software can greatly enhance interactions with members and create administrative efficiencies that save both time and money. If your organisation needs to deliver regular courses to assess members' eligibility and capabilities, then you should certainly consider implementing a course management programme. And if you need to send out reminders to renew qualifications and need to do this at scale, having tailored course management software will revolutionise the way you work.

Benefits for your business:
  • Less admin churn and more time for things that matter the most.
  • Direct Relationships with Learners to improve engagement and retention.
  • Facilitates Digital Transformation for a more sustainable workplace
  • Online Payments for bookings and payments
  • More Insightful Real-time Data that provides useful information on all areas of your business.

If you need more information on how to manage your courses:

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  • Digital Certificates and Badges
  • ID verification
  • Safeguarding
  • Online-Learning
  • Online Payment
  • CPD Awarding /Management and Certification Software
  • Living CV
  • Compliance Software
  • Cloud-Based
  • DBS Software


  • 500+ Automated Processes & Workflows
  • Incident Reporting and Case Management
  • Online Self-Joining Tool
  • Blockchain
  • Stripe

Who is it For

  • Training Providers
  • Course providers
  • Online learning providers
  • Universities
  • Employers
  • Higher Education
  • Employee Training providers

"Implementing the Tahdah Platform allowed us to replace 9 disparate systems into one, saving us huge costs, increased learner and member engagement and giving an all-round better experience for all out partners"

Mike Dunn
Operations Director, RLSS


Online Learning Experiences


Verified Candidate Records


Training Records

Benefits in a Nutshell


Streamlined Operations and Improved Efficiencies


Audits, Compliance and Governance


 Increased Sustainability


Online Payments


Increased participation & retention


Increased investment into the sector

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