How tahdah Help NGBs Increase Participation, Engagement and Satisfaction

This post looks at how tahdah supports NGBs in their need to increase participation, engagement and satisfaction.

NGBs in the sport and physical activity sector is being increasingly challenged to do more with less and particularly to be more efficient in their use of funds as well as more creative in terms of where that funding comes from.

This manifests itself in strategic goals that are broadly common across all NGBs. As the software vendor underpinning the candidate and training management requirements of many of these NGBs, tahdah is uniquely positioned to deliver on these broad goals as well as the nuanced requirements particular to individual NGBs.

This post looks at how tahdah supports NGBs in their need to increase participation, engagement and satisfaction. We’ve previously covered how we deliver verification and safeguarding and volunteering and in a future post, we’ll examine how tahdah can help NGBs leverage existing assets, such as their data, to increase revenue and reduce costs.

So how can tahdah help increase participation, engagement and satisfaction and boost membership levels across an NGBs organisation?

First of all, tahdah has a suite of targeted communication tools including custom email templates and internal communications. Rules can be set that, as a simple example, send e-mail offers on further training awards to members who have just completed the previous award level. Further participation in your membership is encouraged by providing members with regular updates and information about upcoming events, training courses offers and so on. Reminders, such as these, have delivered quantifiable results in increasing regular participation for our clients.

tahdah brings all of an NGBs partner organisations under the same system which simplifies communication between clubs, associations and the awarding body - strengthening the relationships in the community as a whole.

Without a single, integrated system providing membership and training management across all partner organisations, even something as straightforward as membership renewal can be a challenge to administer which, in turn, can cause churn. tahdah enables a reduction in churn by enabling the simple, efficient automation of the renewal process based on timely reminders and follow-up.

The second way in which tahdah drives increased participation, engagement and satisfaction is by providing an engaging online experience for members - a place where they can easily conduct all of their interactions with their favourite sport with a few clicks. They can book training courses, buy equipment, share their participation data on linked social media accounts, show off their verified awards and so much more. This improved digital offering also resonates with a younger demographic - leading to long-term, fruitful relationships between young members and the awarding body.

Every user on tahdah gets their own personal, customisable digital profile. Here they can record and display all of their interactions with their favourite sports. They can share stories, post pictures and videos, link their social media accounts, display their verified qualifications, digitally log their participation and much more.

Our digital logbook, or DLOG, the feature allows users to upload their own personal participation data to their account. This data can be used as evidence when trying to attain a new qualification or simply as a record of someone’s personal journey through their sport. Users who are most active in uploading DLOG records can be placed on one of our leaderboards. Our customers have responded very positively to the digital logbook; the gamification of their sport drives increased engagement and when it is coupled with our mobile app it creates a powerful recording tool.

Unlike other services, this functionality is also offered to ‘juniors’ (people under 14). This is achieved through our ‘parent account’ concept. Parents can create and manage a tahdah profile for their children where they can record their activities in their favourite sports. This means that kids can track their journey of development and keep verified records of any training or qualifications they receive. Their account and all of their data is managed by their parent until their 14th birthday, at this point they can claim their account and continue their sporting relationship on their own.

Finally, tahdah captures a massive amount of actionable data on your members, from the moment they begin their journey of interacting with your sport. When this is reviewed on a large scale your organisation can spot trends e.g. 32% of members stopped regularly participating after attending a 'level 3 training course'. Insights such as these can help your organisation inform their next decisions - giving them a greater degree of accuracy and success.

If you would like to discuss how tahdah can support the strategic goals of your NGB please do not hesitate to contact us.

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