One of the founding principles of tahdah is our commitment to verification. That's why every individual that uses our system to engage with their sport is fully verified. From coaches to volunteers to members everyone is subject to the same rigorous, automated checks. This ensures that the people delivering training through our system are competent, current and complaint.

Awarding bodies, associations and clubs can utilise our verification process to automate their safeguarding procedures and protect any children or vunerable groups while they perform their favourite activities.

Verified Circle

Our system automatically captures and aggregates a comprehensive range of live data from a broad range of sources to confirm the validity of any qualification a user claims on tahdah.

This process is illustrated by the image below; new qualifications that are claimed by a user are initially shown as 'pending'. After the system has analysed the new request it will either be rejected and more evidence will be required or it will be approved and displayed as a verified qualification on the user's profile.

Verified Quals