What is it?

tahdah is a multi-tenant software as a service platform that provides unique benefits and functionalities for each of its different users.

tahdah is a secure online feature packed management system that can be tailored to meet your organisation’s exact needs

Our range of tools make managing your memberships to different organisations simple and efficient. Manage your qualifications and display them on your personal profile.
Search through thousands of training courses to find the one that's right for you. Training course providers can grade the performance of each individual candidate by completing a course report.
Improve your knowledge and skills by booking a workshop online. You can record any additional CPD or workshops you attend in your training records.
Receive personalised email reminders that you control. Link your social media accounts to share your achievements and experiences with your friends.
Our live data tools give you real time insights into every aspect of your organisation and allow you to easily compile reports. Set up direct debits for all of your membership payments, book onto training courses and buy equipment through our secure online shop.
Our verification process ensures that every user on tahdah is competent, current and compliant.