Membership Tools

When you become a member of an Association you are given access to their membership tools.

Help MembershipTools Public_Profile_Listed1

1. Go to your membership tab. Hover over one of the associations you have registered with and tick the ‘Listed’ box. By doing this you get the full public profile and you are automatically added onto the find a leader page (if you are an MTA member you will be listed here, if you are an AMI member you will be listed here. If you are not a full member you will not have a ‘Listed’ box.

Help MembershipTools Public_Profile_Listed2

2. Here is what the full public profile looks like.

Help MembershipTools Edit_Profile1

3. We are now going to look at how to add/edit the text are of the public profile. Access the membership tools page (click on your username and click on ‘Membership tools’). Once on the page, click on the "Edit your profile" icon. Once on the page you click on the "Edit your profile" icon.

Help MembershipTools Edit_Profile2

4. Once you’re on this page you can fill in the text area with what you want to show on your profile page. Then click the save icon below it.

Help MembershipTools Edit_Profile3

5. This shows the full public profile with the profile text (highlighted by the red box).

Help MembershipTools Search_Area1

6. As a full member you have the opportunity to be listed as available for work. To set this up you need to select which areas you commonly work in. On the membership tools page, click on the magnifying glass.

Help MembershipTools Search_Area2

7. On this page, select two different locations where you commonly work.