Tahdah GDPR, Welcome to Your Data

New European Union data protection laws (GDPR) come into effect today. However, here at tahdah, we have been giving you free, unrestricted access to your data since 2015 which is something we're very proud of. We wanted to let you know how your individual rights have been safeguarded by tahdah since we launched 24 months ago and what adaptations we've made to the system to comply with the new regulations.

Firstly we've updated our own terms and conditions and privacy policy. You can view these here you will also find that many of the organisations we work with also have revised privacy policies and terms which you will find as you use the system.

The new law requires that companies allow you access to your data, that mistakes are corrected and that you are informed of changes to your data. We’ve always given our users complete access to their data from day one via their personal profiles. At the heart of tahdah is your personal account and login. This personal account contains your name, address and other key details. We are proud to have been at the forefront of giving people full access to their data and we look forward to creating more innovative ways to give you more in the future.

As well as your personal information, tahdah holds other information about you all of which is fully viewable within your personal account. When you engage with various organisations within the tahdah system you agree to share this personal record with them which allows those organisations to add further data including your training records, course bookings, CPD points, payment history and other items of data. Instead of those records being locked away in some in-house database, or even on bits of paper in filing cabinets as it still is with many organisations, all this is available for you to view. This data forms part of that organisation's records and although it cannot be removed for that reason, tahdah is unique in giving you the ability to access and view everything and to easily contact the relevant organisation to correct any mistakes.

So, what else is new?

We’ve made a small number of changes in order to comply with some stricter areas of the new law but we welcome these changes as part of our effort to keep our system safe and secure.

  • You can no longer see the names of people who were on courses with you, you'll be the only person you can see when you view your training record.

  • We no longer auto-suggest a profile picture.

  • We’ve made a number of improvements to data security for administrators of the system.

  • We've created a new way to manage subscriptions to emails giving you more control over what emails you receive.

  • You'll no longer automatically get free membership to other organisations, but instead will be invited to receive free membership when you're eligible.

  • You'll be able to see full details of what data will be shared with which organisations when registering for awards, booking training courses and workshops, purchasing membership and buying from the shop.

tahdah are proud to have been able to give people unprecedented access to their data and we look forward to adding more features to increase transparency even further, so lookout for new features in the future.