Head of Marketing - Job Description

TahDah Verified are looking for an individual who wants to join our team on an exciting journey of growth.

We have a purpose to offer our enterpise clients a software platform that they can never do without and they never want to.

We have a mission to become the world's most trusted and secure lifetime record of achievement.

Working at TahDah

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Annual Salary: £35,000 - £45,000 DoE

Bonus: Up to £5,000 p.a. linked to campaign ROI and lead conversions

Main Purpose:

Tahdah is looking for a Marketing professional to help us clearly communicate what we are and why we are changing the world. To our clients TahDah is a cloud based software that manages their entire workflows from managing their partners, training, CPD and membership to event and course management, certification, digital badging and much more. To the individual user, TahDah is a fully verified digital lifetime record of achievement. A platform where they can record their achievements, find new learning experiences, be matched with jobs that suit their qualifications and skills and build their 21st century CV.

The Head of Marketing will be a marketing and lead generation professional that will be responsible for the overall management of the company’s marketing function. This role will include the building and delivery of a marketing strategy and plan that will drive qualified, sales ready leads into the sales pipeline. Your role will be to develop and manage the TahDah brand, engage with external agencies to deliver a cohesive and impactful suite of marketing communications and lead generation strategies. Research into our market space as well as with existing and prospective clients will also be a key requirement.

Management and Continuous Improvement Responsibilities

  • Analyse the company mission, vision, goals and targets, apply role specific planning to achieve these.
  • Understand thoroughly the company business plan and deliver strategies to achieve key objectives.
  • Measure and report to the CEO performance against tasks and targets through accurate and meaningful KPIs/reports.

Role Specific Responsibilities

  • Manage the production of an inbound and outbound marketing plan. To lead the development, execution, and integration of the plan across all appropriate channels to maximize the demand for TahDah products.
  • Develop and execute sales and marketing strategies and campaigns that seek to draw the attention of potential clients to products offered by TahDah via various channels for example advertising (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising and affiliate marketing to maximize the demand for TahDah products.
  • Develop the company brands to create a forceful, immediately recognisable market identity for the company and its associated products and services. Utilise traditional and online marketing tools to enhance brand visibility and influence upon the public, sales prospects, business affiliates, and the media to maximise the demand for TahDah products.
  • Research and continuous review to establish the optimal functionality clients and users require and would be willing to pay for. Feedback results Product Team to influence the product roadmap.
  • Develop and maintain a lead generation funnel/pipeline to include digital and traditional media campaigns for targets to maximise sales ready leads for the company.
  • Manage the sales proposal and quotation system to support all sales activity.
  • Produce key performance reports on all areas of responsibility as requested.
  • Present product demos online and face to face in order to develop opportunities and ultimately close deals. Attendance at trade shows and client meetings worldwide as required.
  • Manage and co-ordinate ongoing comprehensive strategies, plans and execution of;
    • Company website & content
    • Company social channels
    • Advertising and promotions including trade shows, guest speaking, TV, radio, webinars, web, videos etc
    • Trade shows and conferences
    • Market research as required to develop associated strategies, to include telephone interviews
    • Press releases and PR

General Responsibilities

  • To attend all meetings as requested by the CEO and keep records of agreed outcomes and actions.
  • To attend all team meetings, to actively participate in them and to report all essential information and key performance indicators when requested.
  • To be willing to travel to UK and worldwide locations.
  • To create and maintain up to date paper and computer files, inputting data onto the CRM system and Internal file management systems to allow instant access to information, always ensuring the security and confidentiality of all data at all times.
  • To arrange and co-ordinate all tasks and targets allocated, this will include travel to and from meetings with potential users, users, internal and external staff. To attend all meetings, events and conferences as required.
  • Process all correspondence, standard letters, notices, reports and papers to a high standard of accuracy and speed.
  • Undertake all other tasks as reasonably required to meet the varying demands of the Company.
  • Responsible for data and GDPR compliance within the Marketing function.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Advanced sales/marketing/communication skills, qualifications and/or experience (Essential)
  • Consultancy sales and tele-sales skills (Essential)
  • Advanced self-leadership and self-management skills (Essential) Relationship management and interpersonal skills (Essential)
  • Presentation skills (Essential)
  • Software as a Service knowledge and experience (Desirable)
  • Commercial acumen (Essential)
  • Analytical thinking (Essential)
  • Tech savvy (Essential)
  • Confident understanding of spreadsheets, use of Microsoft Office suite of applications. (Essential)
  • Excellent information management skills (Essential)
  • Production and presentation of accurate and detailed reports and presentations (Essential)

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