React Front End Developer - Job Description

Annual Salary: £40,000 - £50,000 DoE

Location: Liverpool / Llandudno, North Wales or Hybrid remote

Working at TahDah

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You will enjoy being part of a passionate team who advocate best practices and knowledge sharing and who thrive on providing and sharing solutions rather than presenting problems. In an environment where you have autonomy and the ability to implement change. Learning and implementing new technologies - but you will also be comfortable with supporting older projects and contributing to a healthy code base. Being part of a team who communicate openly and freely and respectfully with both technical and non-technical colleagues.


  • Creating technical integrations that allow new project structures to work with existing
  • Creating/implementing a Bootstrap 3 migration plan
  • Creating components based on inputs from the graphic designers
  • Influencing the development of our core APIs
  • Providing experience and guidance to other team members
  • Coding: build new features, improve our technology and architecture, support and fix bugs, and reduce tech debt
  • Collaborating: participate in stand-up, refinement, planning, pairing and retrospective
  • Coaching: upskill teammates and likewise learn from others


  • Solid professional experience developing responsive web applications in an end-to-end Agile environment using and supporting fully automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Strong frontend design / architecture skills
  • Ability to write excellent and concise JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Ability to create highly performant applications using React
  • Ability to manage your React application’s state and side-effects using technologies such as Redux
  • HTTP and APIs (REST and/or GraphQL)
  • Ability to write unit and integrational tests
  • Ability to use GIT and the command line effectively
  • Experience testing frameworks and tools (Jasmine, Jest)


  • Storybook (or other component gallery system)
  • Backend developer skills
  • AWS (or other cloud) provider services
  • DevOps and Shift Lift concepts (AWS CloudFormation)
  • Design Skills

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