System Update Version -- 21-07-2017

We have completed a new update to the tahdah system. This is a minor update that introduces a couple of new features but mainly consists of bug fixes. Read below for a description. update blog logo

New Feature: Non-Candidate Bookings for Workshops

This feature was requested by Plas y Brenin and is enabled for everyone else except for Mountain Training. It works in the same way as non-candidate bookings for courses; it allows you to book people on your workshops even if they don't currently have a tahdah account. The only information you need is their email address, they will recieve an email notifying them of their booking and letting them know that they can claim their qualification, CPD, etc by creating an account on tahdah.

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New Feature: Logo Link

Your logo in the top left of your system (see image below) can now be customised to redirect your users to a link of your choice that you can specify in your admin area (see image below). If you leave this as default it will redirect users to your website.

Update 1

Bug Fixes

  • Cross site login wasn't working for users with 2 factor authentication.
  • Provider badge was linking to the wrong provider on course reports because it was using the course report id, not the provider id.
  • Fixed typo eligable to eligible.
  • Fixed programme choice defaulting to London - it actually wasn't being passed in, this is for Aspire.
  • Courses not showing in provider courses list.
  • Can now delete a workshop even if it has pricing rules.