Safeguarding in Sport; “raising the bar” - from abuse to action

On March 12th the Sport England Safeguarding Advisory Policy will lead a free conference ‘Safeguarding in Sport; “raising the bar”- from abuse to action’ at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in London. You can register via Eventbrite using the link above.

With this event on the horizon, this post looks at how tahdah improves safeguarding standards within the context of the recent child abuse scandal in football.

The widespread, insidious nature of the offences uncovered has shone a spotlight on safeguarding practices in UK football and left prominent figures asking the question: what went wrong?

Although steps have been made to strengthen the systems that are in place across all levels of football with the introduction of the FA's 'Whole Game' online portal, the responsibility of performing a club's entire safeguarding procedures at the grassroots level still often rests on the shoulders of one volunteer. This raises questions; do they have the resources, time and training at their disposal to adequately perform these checks?

This is where tahdah comes in. In the development of our software we have concentrated on streamlining, digitising and automating as many of your safeguarding procedures as we can. Our software is designed to vastly reduce your staff's administrative workload - freeing up resources and allowing them to concentrate on other areas of your organisation.

In this document we will demonstrate how tahdah can help your organisation enforce their safeguarding procedures more effectively.

Every user on tahdah who wants to deliver training, or work with vulnerable groups, is subject to the same rigorous checks and balances to ensure that they are competent, current and compliant.

This means that all of your managers, coaches, physios and other individuals that interact with young people are automatically vetted by the system - with all of the necessary CRC checks being performed.

What sets tahdah apart from other safeguarding solutions is our ability to validate all of the other aspects of an individual's relationship with their sport - giving you a complete picture of their overall competence and allowing your volunteer Club Welfare Officer to fulfill all of their safeguarding duties in one online environment.

safeguarding circle

All of the qualifications, awards, training, CPD, participation, membership and insurance information a user claims on their account is only approved once the system has verified its authenticity.

This means, as an administrator, you can bypass a lengthy administrative process and confirm the suitability of a new individual in a matter of seconds - safe in the knowledge that the qualifications and experience they claim is verified and genuine.

The image below is an example of a typical training provider's (coach, instructor etc) public profile on tahdah. It displays their verified qualifications, an overview of their verified participation data collected through our digital logbook, verified references from experienced colleagues and verified continual professional development records. All of this data is detailed and timestamped so that you can evaluate a potential training provider with the most up-to-date data at your disposal.

This profile can be viewed by any member of the public, giving them peace of mind that they will be receiving training in a safe environment from a well trained instructor who is well versed in the latest knowledge and techniques in their chosen activity.

Bryn full profile

As an administrator you can delve further into a user's Digital Logbook instead of seeing a more simplified overview (as in the image below). Here you can see individual records that are very detailed and include references to any observers who were in attendance.

Bryn Records

What this also means in practice, and because tahdah is a single system with individual, separate client views (what we call multi-tenancy), is that abusers are no longer able to move undetected from one sport/region/segment to another to start their odious, criminal behaviour afresh.

Together we can provide safeguarding for all. Contact us to find out how tahdah can help you.