TahDah Version 3.9

Test environments updated approximately November 8, 2016
Production environments updated approximately November 28, 2016

Update Summary

The latest update to the TahDah system includes lots of new features like a candidate/provider calendar and fitness software integrations. blog mountain

For Providers

Name Description
Submit form change We have changed the wording of the submit button on custom forms to “Save Form” as it was causing confusion with submitting course reports.
Course report change Line breaks in rejected course reports now show to make the notes from the Board / NGB easier to read.
Provider Awards You can now see staff/director's awards when adding them to a course.
Added Lat/LngAll providers now have their Latitude/Longitude location displayed.
Start/End Times on CoursesCourses now display their start and end time.
Pre course creation staff allocationIt is now possible to allocate directors/staff in advance.

For Candidates

Name Description
DLOG integrations Tahdah Premium candidates can now import from Strava, Google Fit, Fitbit, Runkeeper and Map My Fitness. To access this feature go to DLOG and click Add. Find out more here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/IhXXiNUtYLNsu/
Expanded CPD Now organisations can utilise CPD, not just associations.
Candidate ResourcesA new tab for candidates that shows them documents/resources that have been made available to them by virtue of directorships, awards etc.
Director DocumentsOn each award add the ability to upload documents that will be visible to candidates with a relevant directorship via their resources tab.
Course Files/LinksFiles and links that candidates can view pre course, when they have booked and post course
Workshop Category AwardsAdd the ability to upload documents to a workshop category that will be made available to any candidates who have the ability to create workshops in that category.
DLOG CampingAdded a space for a camping description in DLOG.
Premium HelpThere is now a premium option on the contact form.
Workshop Notification EmailCandidates will now recieve a notification of any upcoming workshops (if they have requested to be informed)
Calendar/DiaryCandidates and providers now have access to a calendar/diary to help them manage their business/training. Find out more

Bug Fixes

Name Description
DLOG expeditions Improved performance of the DLOG Expeditions module
Typos Fixed a number of typos of the word “Manager”
Deleting managers Managers were appearing twice in the list of staff at a provider, this was also causing a problem with deleting them.
Course Enquiries in wrong order This has been fixed, they appear in the correct order now.
Unable to delete Course Report If a course report had unsubmitted notes it couldn't be deleted - this is now fixed
Admin Locked Admins could still login despite their account being locked - this has been fixed