Sport England Cut NGB Funding | tahdah’s Response

The latest funding announcement from Sport England presents a direct challenge to National Governing Bodies (NGBs) around the United Kingdom. Generally speaking, they have seen their budget for the next four years slashed by more than 50%. NGBs will need to take immediate and proactive steps in order to maintain the high standards of governance their members expect.

The UK sporting community was aware of a shift in Sport England’s approach to funding after they outlined their policy changes in their ‘Towards an Active Nation’ strategy. This new “customer-led approach” sacrifices investment in more fringe activities in favour of maintaining the participation levels of their core market. This approach represents the best opportunity for Sport England to achieve a return on their investment - especially as their overall funding has been reduced by over 80%.

So, what measures can NGBs take to minimise the negative impact of this funding shortfall on their sport?

First of all, it is important to consider that since the advent of National Lottery funding NGBs have rapidly progressed into modern, profit-driven enterprises. Therefore, they should be looking to the business world for practical solutions to the financial challenges they face.

The next four years represents an opportunity for NGBs to evaluate their current business model and reinvent themselves from the ground up. NGBs need to identify multifaceted solutions that can provide real efficiency savings across the board by streamlining vital operations.

This point was raised by Sport England CEO Jennie Price, she said:

“NGBs are now thinking about customer relationship management (CRM), and making their sport more accessible through better online platforms. The weaning of public money is starting to make bodies really rethink how they’re doing things.”

tahdah is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that NGBs use to control almost every aspect of their business; from event management, awards and qualifications to membership and professional development. tahdah revolutionises the way NGBs manage their organisation by applying cutting-edge technology to streamline workflow processes.

With tahdah you have a comprehensive piece of software that combines all of your disparate systems under one roof - enabling you to complete all of your day-to-day tasks in one cloud-based environment.

The core market, i.e. individuals or participants, can use tahdah to manage their engagement in their chosen sport. This could be volunteering, coaching, gaining awards and qualifications or managing their membership all whilst placing the responsibility of data integrity on themselves - improving the quality of the data and reducing admin workload.

Some of the other features and benefits of tahdah include:
  • Vastly improved user experience for your members and core market - better engagement with their favourite sport.
  • Every qualification or award administered through tahdah is fully, and independently, verified.
  • Closer relationships with associations, clubs and training providers.
  • Improved revenue generation.
  • Increased participation & retention of members at all levels, ie associations, training providers and candidates.
  • Data insight and analytics provide a timely & in-depth understanding of your core market and what motivates them to engage with their sport.
  • Improved targeted communications with associations/clubs, training providers, individual end users/members.
  • Increased recognition of sector qualifications as a whole
  • Greater exposure of your brand and products.
  • Cross fertilisation of users and joined up thinking alongside other NGBs.
  • Increased investment into the sector.
tahdah is already helping a diverse range of NGBs boost their membership levels, streamline their operations and improve the quality of governance their members receive.

NGB Icons

One of our earliest adopters was Mountain Training their CEO, John Cousins, describes the impact of tahdah on his organisation as follows:

“tahdah has been a key part of the success of our candidate management database. By taking time to understand our unique business needs they have delivered a quality piece of software that has revolutionised the way we work and engage with our candidates.”

If you would like to find out how our software can help your organisation thrive despite the upcoming shortfall in funding feel free to contact our sales team: or call our office: 01492 868 899.